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At Business English 23 we have selected the most interesting and relevant business videos from over 100 of the most prestigious channels on YouTube. Our selection includes videos from Stanford Business School, the BBC, Bloomberg and many more.

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We have provided a rich set of explanations and class notes to accompany each video, as well as full subtitles in English. Read the subtitles as you watch and look up definitions and examples for any words or phrases you don't understand.

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Are you interested in a specific topic? Or perhaps you only want to listen to a British accent, or see different examples of how a specific word or phrase is used. With Business English 23 you can search our database of videos using many different criteria, from channel provider, to grammar, vocabulary, tense, or subject.

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Our team of professional English teachers and translators are constantly looking for the best business videos on the internet and we will be publishing new videos everyday throughout the year.